Rose Cookies

125 gr. butter (at room temperature)
1 glass of vegetable oil
2 eggs
1 glass of powdered sugar 
1 sachet of vanilla
1 sachet of baking powder
1.5 tablespoons of cocoa

Mix butter, oil , eggs and powdered sugar in a bowl. Knead a dough by adding flour, baking powder and vanilla. Divide the dough in half, add cocoa to one part, leave the other half so get two different colors . Roll both halves of dough 1-2 mm thick then cut circles with the help of a glass. Arrange 4 circles as seen in the picture. Roll these circles carefully & cut in half to obtain 2 roses. Put the cookies on a baking sheet. Cook the cookies in a pre-heated oven at 180 degree celcius until they become lightly browned. Leave the cookies cool for 25-20 minutes then sprinkle with powdered sugar & serve. Enjoy your cookies! 


Talas Boregi

3 tablespoons yogurt
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon of vinegar
1 cup water
Biskin margarine (used without melting)
300 gr. sauteed veal
1 small jar garnish (boiled & diced peas, potatoes & carrots)
2-3 onions
1 tablespoon red pepper paste
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
Black pepper, thyme, paprika

Diced beef is braised in a pan until it gets tender. (aprox: for 1,5 hours) Boiling water is added if necessary while cooking. Diced onions are cooked in a pan with red pepper paste with 2 spoons of oil. Cooked meat, onion & garnish are put together.
All the ingredients for the dough are mixed together & kneaded, then divided into two pieces. Each piece of dough is rolled 0,5 cm thick & plenty of Biskin is applied on the dough. All four edges of the rolled dough are folded towards the middle & then the half of the dough is folded again on the other half. The dough is put in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. After 1 hour in the refrigerator, the dough is rolled, applied Biskin & folded again as before & put in the fridge. This process is repeated 3 times. After that, the dough is rolled 0,5 cm thick and it is divided into 10x10 cm squares. One piece of dough will make 9 squares. So you will have 18 pieces in the end. The filling is put in the center of each square. The opposite corners of the squares are folded towards middle & closed well to avoid the filling from spilling out. Then it is put on the cooking tray turned upside down. Egg yolk is applied & it is cooked at 170 degrees celcius in preheated oven. Enjoy it! :)


Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips


1 egg
1 glass of sugar
1/2 glass of milk
125 gr margarin
1 sachet of vanilla
1 sachet of baking powder
2 glass of flour
80 gr. chocolate chips
2 bananas

Melt the margarin. Beat the egg, sugar & milk with a mixer. Add the melted margarin while mixing. Add also the flour, vanilla & baking powder. Cut the bananas in small pieces. Add bananas & chocolate chips into the dough. Mix all with a spoon. Then distribute the dough into muffin molds.  You can put some chocolate chips on dough after distributing to get a better look. Cook the muffins in the oven set to 170 C until they get a nice colour. Enjoy your muffins!